This is the Companion Site of Johann Roturier's Localizing Apps book, which book was published in May 2015 by Routledge, so it can be ordered here. This site includes a number of materials presented and referenced in the book. It is the author's hope that these links will save you a lot of unnecessary typing. If you notice any problem with the content (either from the book or in these materials), feel free to report them to the author.

Site's content

  • Each chapter from the book is summarized on this page. An excerpt from the book (including the table of contents and a few pages from the Introduction) has also been made available by the publisher.

  • This page contain most of the code snippets and task files used in this book (including the link to access a tutorial on regular expressions that was specifically created for this book).

  • This page contains all the links listed in the Notes section at the end of each chapter.

  • The book has been reviewed in various journals and also used in courses.


If you find errors in the book or site content, feel free to report them by email: info [at] localizingapps__dot__com (adjust the address as required).